Social Media Marketing:

Business Getting Social   

by Steve J Wilson

Social networks and social media marketing is growing at such a rate, it is proving challenging for businesses and marketers to keep up to date with the latest progressions and trends. In a recent survey completed by American express which interviewed small business owners, the results showed that over 44 percent of the respondents utilise the tools for marketing purposes; up 39 percent from the number of respondents from the previous year. One of the key factors in the increase in it is the perception from business that it presents a cheap alternative to traditional marketing channels and initiatives. However, it is essential that businesses allocate a specific budget, whether this is in a monetary of time format to allocate to the development of a plan and strategy in how to best utilise it for business. No matter what the marketing tool is, without some direction and aims, the efforts will simply be shooting blanks in the dark.

There is no doubt that social media marketing is here to stay, with an increasing number of business utilising the platforms to connect with current and potential customers in the online environment. Businesses are working harder than ever before to create a meaningful impact in the social sphere and to implement ways to better connect their brand with customers.

Trends in social media marketing are showing no abatement of change. We are currently seeing a move past the inflection point of social media marketing to a defining point in time when social media marketing comes of age. The online marketing channels are poised to become mainstream tools for which all business, companies and organisations will be implementing in their wider business and marketing strategies. This year we will see social networks being utilised as the key tool to effectively target and connect with current and potential customers, conversing in an online space where the target market is conversing and making purchase decisions.

Furthermore, businesses are now realising the true benefit of social media marketing for connecting with customers. This year we will see an increasing number of businesses instilling the value of tweeting and posting content on a regular basis; not just as a necessity for optimising their online presence, but as a general recognition that it is the perfect platform where they can meet and interact act with customers.

If your business is contemplating the move in the social world, or perhaps your current social media efforts are not resulting in increased conversations, sales and profitability; get in contact with a marketing company that employs social media marketing specialists and start connecting where your customers are…online.

About the Author

SocialEyes is a specialist social media marketing company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Working with numerous clients, from small and medium sized businesses to large corporations, SocialEyes delivers proven and tangible business results resulting in increases brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, customer engagement, as well as realising marketing and business objectives and improving profitability. For more information, visit

About Managed Media

Managed Media Is a Strategic Communications Agency That Manages Social Media Solutions. We offer clients a specialized portfolio of bespoke communication solutions designed for the digital age. Visit us online @ to learn more.
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