Whatever You Do, Start Doing Social Media

By: Jeromy Puglisi

Managed Media Chicago

June 13, 2011

Every potential client I speak with tells me they plan on “doing” social media.  Of course, that is why you are a potential client and it is logical we are speaking because you have not done “it” yet – hence my visit.  In fact according to the 2010 Media Planning Intelligence Study released by the Center for Media Research:

  • 57.7% of respondents “ideally” plan, and
  • 56.3% “realistically” plan to include social media in their media plans next year.

This ambivalence toward social media is one of the primary factors driving social media discontent among small business – Because small business managers can not figure out hot to make it work for them, they discount all social media efforts and meaningless and a waste of time.

The problem is not social media; the problem isn’t even your business.  The problem is YOU don’t understand how social media works.





Most people start “doing” social media by signing up for a Facebook account, and trolling around trying to get people to like their page.  Success is generally limited to the number of friends that are willing to look at messages you post about your business. There is certainly nothing wrong with this and most social media professionals will tell you that learning how to use social media for your business is much better than leaving it to an employee.  However, you can’t do it all and the amount of time some people will require is going to make it very difficult to use social media tools effectively for a lot of US small business.

Once past the investigatory phase of social media, you will start to notice the astonishing popularity of social media tools used in small business circles.  This is because social media is like word of mouth advertising on-line, and every business manager

will tell you the most valuable form of advertising is word of mouth advertising.

Managed Media is your BIG MOUTH on-line!

Managed Media is designed to be an extension of your business – your social media consultant!  We are your part-time employee sitting in your “remote office” managing all of

your social media.   You are the boss, and we work for you!

  • Before we start any work, we listen – to you.  We learn your business & we create a strategic analysis of your industry & your customer.  This insight provides valuable information throughout the social media life-cycle.
  • Next we create a customized communication plan tailored to your business so we can tell your story to the millions of potential customers listening in the world of social media.
  • Now after all that – after we’ve built the foundation, we deploy the technology.  Now that we know who your customers are and what they want to hear, we put your message on-line in the world of social media.
  • We hit multiple targets from multiple touch points with multiple messages at multiple intervals.

Managed Media is here to help and we can develop an on-line presence that drives real growth for your business.

There is no simple way to define strategic communications.  It builds a brand.  It changes perception.  It connects your organization with people and moves them to action.  Smart strategy makes communication meaningful – to your audience and your bottom line.  You need to ask the right questions to translate your business objectives into effective communication strategies.  You need to position your product and provide value.  Let Managed Media help you develop a strategy before you get left behind.

About Managed Media

Managed Media Is a Strategic Communications Agency That Manages Social Media Solutions. We offer clients a specialized portfolio of bespoke communication solutions designed for the digital age. Visit us online @ www.ManagedMeidaChicago.com to learn more.
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