If You’re Not Telling The Right Story, No One Will Ever Know…

By:  Jeromy Puglisi…

Managed Media Chicago

April 27, 2011

In today’s competitive world the best way to ensure organizational success is to delight the customer.  If your company does not meet or exceed customer expectations, your competition will.

Technology is more than just computers.  It is more than just information.  It is more than the internet or a flashy web page.

Technology is telling your story.

Technology is developing your business.  Technology is the future of your company.  Technology is………. Everything.

That’s where we come in…..

Managed Media is a Chicago based strategic communications firm that specializes in providing small businesses with the latest technological resources at a fraction of the cost.  We create communication strategies specifically crafted for your small business, and then deploy those strategies through social media platforms that give your company the biggest bang for your buck.

Managed Media creates your strategic plan, and then uses that plan to create your on-line presence in the world of social media.  Success in the arena of social media requires a keen insight into online concepts, and Managed Media is positioned to help your businesses take advantage of the powerful marketing and advertising opportunities available to your company through social media communities.

Managed Media  is designed to be an extension of your business – we are your part-time employee sitting in your “remote office” managing all of your social media.   You’re the boss, and we work for you!

Before we start any work, we listen – to you.  We learn your business and then we create a strategic analysis of your industry and your customer.  This insight provides valuable information used throughout the social media life-cycle.  

Next we create a customized communication plan tailored to your business so we can tell your story to the millions of potential customers listening in the world of social media.  This especially sets Managed Media apart from the others that are “tweeting” thousands of times every month with absolutely nothing to say.

Now after all that – after we’ve built the foundation, we deploy the technology.  Now that we know who your customers are and what they want to hear, we put your message on-line in the world of social media.  We hit multiple targets from multiple touch points with multiple messages at multiple intervals.  Organically, your business will start to grow & you will continually see new names & faces walk through your door on a daily basis.

LIKE us on FB and follow the success of other business just like you.  Check out our website, and find out how Managed Media can help tell your story.

Remember, how you tell your story affects the extent to which your message reaches the intended audience and yields the desired results.  The truth is it doesn’t matter how good you are at your business – if you’re not telling the right story, no one will ever know.

About Managed Media

Managed Media Is a Strategic Communications Agency That Manages Social Media Solutions. We offer clients a specialized portfolio of bespoke communication solutions designed for the digital age. Visit us online @ www.ManagedMeidaChicago.com to learn more.
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