Managed Media MANAGES Social Media

– Nothing Else!

by: Jeromy Puglisi…

Managed Media Chicago

March 30, 2011

Managed Media is, first and foremost, a strategic communications agency.  We broadcast custom communication strategies through social media communities to give your business an on-line presence that tells your story and drives customers to your door.

We focus on the message – technology is just the tool we use to broadcast the message.

That Is All We Do, And We Do It Well!

It is necessary to make this distinction, because the #1 response we hear from new customers is, “I’ve been getting a lot of calls about search engine optimization – I’m all set”.

You are set – for failure!

Managed Media IS NOT SEO, SEM, PPC, or any other acronym.

Managed Media MANAGES social media – Social Media examples include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Twitter, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the rest of the terms described by acronyms deal with search engines like goggle, bing, Ask and yahoo.

It’s Important You Understand The Difference!

If you’re reading this you should know the difference between the internet and a browser like Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or you might be using one that came with your internet service like Comcast, RCN, or AOL.

Additionally, you should also understand that a “search engine” like Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia –  is a tool that operates in a browser; you open Microsoft Explorer (browser) and then you search in Google (search engine).

Now acronyms explain what happens in a search engine, and the result that a person gests after performing a search.  For example, if you type “flowers” into Google, you’re going to get a bunch of links related to flowers.  If you own a flower shop, and again someone types “flowers” into Google, you would prefer that the search results include your website and if possible, list your website toward the top of the list.

Acronyms Help You Get Your Web Page Listed Toward The Top Of A Search Result.  That’s It.

The real question is, is being listed “first” going to help build your business?

The only answer is, maybe.  If you’re a pizza parlor, it may be helpful because if I want a pizza, and I type “pizza” into Google, I’m going to get a list of results with information related to pizza parlors.  The extent to which this list is relevant to your location varies, and you may get a number for a pizza joint in Brazil.  There are a lot of variables in search engines that make them both good and bad, and like most things technical a lot has to do with the user.

So the question remains, is being listed “first” going to help build your business?  Here is another real world example that continues the “pizza example from above.

I love Lou Malnati’s pizza.  I think it’s the best pie in Chicago.  Hands down.  When I lived in Arizona, I would have them shipped in dry ice.  Whenever I came back to Chicago, my first stop was Portillo’s but I always, at least once, had a Lou Malnati’s Pizza.

I moved back to Chicago last year, and after several months of enjoying those yummy deep dish dens of gastro goodness I had an unusual feeling.  Contrary to my usual tastes, I felt like thin crust!  OMG, MR. GLASS! I was lost – didn’t know what to do, where to go or who to call.  Hummm, sounds like a great internet search story doesn’t it?

Interestingly Enough, It’s Not And Actually Shows You Why Search Engines Are Passé.

I then sent a text message from my phone and asked a friend in the neighborhood for the best spot to get a thin crust pie.  Within 2 minutes, I had a reply and within another 2 minutes I had that number stored in my phone.  Within another 5 minutes, I had placed an order.  That number is not only stored in my phone but is regularly updates with my global address book so I will have the name, address, phone number and personal favorites saved – forever.  And, every time I want a thin crust pie, I’m calling that number.  Done.

This is a classic example of the power of social media, and fundamentally what separates Managed Media from the other acronyms

We Connect Your Business With Real People – Real Customers!

Any business owner will tell you that the best form of advertising is word of mouth.  Social media is your word of mouth advertising bullhorn in the world wide web.  You can continue to read the Managed Media blog and see why your business needs social media.

Now That You Understand The Differences In Technology, It’s Important To Understand Their Differences In Price.

On-line – like off, you get what you pay for.   There is a lot of garbage out there and a growing number of companies are willing to compromise integrity for cheap profits.  JCPenny’s is a perfect example of an iconic American brand that was recently “deleted” by Google for fraudulent optimization practices.  JCPenny’s made a very poor strategic management decision – they wanted clicks; they wanted to be “first”; they wanted to be “on-line”.  They were dazzled by the technology and bought a pipe dream that said “hits = profit”.  They were wrong, and are paying the price.

Today, for as little as $50 a month you can get your web site “optimized” with acronyms. For some reason, people believe they are getting something for that money.  A business owner calls “optimization” a return on investment (ROI) and wants to know the most basic question:  what am I getting for the dollars I spend?

There are services that “tweet” for you twice a day, every day, to 150K “followers” for $29 a month.  There are others that “tweet” for you 6 times a day to 16K followers for $50.  For $129, one company will let you “buy” links to “optimize” your page ranking in a search result.  One of the most popular technical marketing firms out there starts at $1,000 for 8 hours of training. Yea they don’t actually do the work; they train you to do it so you can train an employee or do it yourself.  Clicks, hits, traffic, CPC’s, SEO, OEM and the time to manage it every day – it all costs money and you need to ask, what are you getting in return?  I don’t know what JCPenny’s paid to “Optimize” their way out of Google, but I hope they got a free month of service for it.

Managed Media was created in response to all of the internet marketing garbage in today’s business world.  Managed Media was designed to be an extension of your business – we are your part-time employee sitting your “remote office.” Managing all of your social media.  How part time?  Great question.

Managed Media spends approximately 14 hours every month specifically on your business.  Not on the guy next door, or the girl across town.  YOUR BUSINESS.

Managed Media does the work for you – and what we do is where it gets real interesting.

Before we start any work, we listen – to you.  We learn your business and then create a strategic analysis of your industry and your customer.  This insight provides valuable information used throughout the social media life-cycle.  Next we create a customized communication plan tailored to your business so we can tell your story to the thousands of potential customers listening in the world of social media.  This especially sets Managed Media apart from the others that are “tweeting” thousands of times every month with absolutely nothing to say.  Again read our blog on the message.

Now, after all that – after we’ve built the foundation– we deploy the technology.  Now that we know who your customers are and what they want to hear, we put your message on-line in the world of social media.  We hit multiple targets from multiple touch points with multiple messages at multiple intervals.  Organically, your business will start to grow & you will continually see new names & faces walk through your door on a daily basis.

We Call That Providing Presence…

Managed Media is first and foremost a strategic communications agency.  We take the time to learn your business and your customer, so we can craft an effective communication strategy based on qualitative research that will compel buyers to act.  Managed Media then manages your social media to give your business an on-line presence that tells your story and drives customers to your door.

There is no simple way to define strategic communications.  It builds a brand.  It changes perception.  It connects your organization with people and moves them to action.  Smart strategy makes communication meaningful – to your audience and your bottom line.  You need to ask the right questions to translate your business objectives into effective communication strategies.  You need to position your product and provide value.  Let Managed Media help you develop a strategy before you get left behind.

About Managed Media

Managed Media Is a Strategic Communications Agency That Manages Social Media Solutions. We offer clients a specialized portfolio of bespoke communication solutions designed for the digital age. Visit us online @ to learn more.
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